Library After Hours

Library After Hours

Each year, the Library is so excited to hold Library After Hours events for our teens 13-18 years old! No sign up is required! Just bring your friends, possibly some extra snacks, and a warm sweater. We provide snacks and drinks as well!

We typically hold 4 of these each year. Please check with the Children’s Department at (903) 237-1345 for the next scheduled Library After Hours, as the dates may vary from year to year.

We like to change up the theme of each event as well, so no two are exactly alike. Each one is fun for all!

Every Library After Hours begins exactly at 7:00 PM and a Library staff member will be at the door of the Library to let teens in. At exactly 7:30 PM, we officially LOCK the doors. No teens will be allowed in or out of Library After Hours without a Library staff member. Teens are allowed to leave early if need be. Library After Hours events always last until midnight and teens with rides must be picked up by that time. Library staff members make sure that teens who choose to drive get to their cars safely. 

We have LOADS of fun during Library After Hours, whether playing hide and seek, playing video games, playing music, watching movies and/or TV shows, and so much more. CAUTION: Mrs. Jenn always wins at hide and seek. Always.

Some past events include: Dr. Who 50th Anniversary, LAN Party, Game Night, Comic-Con Prom, and Anime Prom! If you have a suggestion for our next Library After Hours, please join our Teen Advisory Board and mention it at our next meeting.